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Take Out Food Dracut: Why We Love Fried Food

Take Out Food Dracut: Why We Love Fried Food

There’s no denying that fried food is always a crowd-pleaser. Everybody loves fried food. We talk about how we need to eat less of it, but that just speaks to how great it is. We wouldn’t have to actively avoid it if we didn’t love it so much! And we don’t judge you for loving fried food. At Primo Pizza, we make a lot of take out food in Dracut and take out is supposed to be a way to treat yourself at the end of a long day or when you’re hanging out with friends.


Let’s look at the reasons why we like our Dracut take out food fried.


It engages all your senses.

Enjoying food isn’t just about the taste. It’s also about how it looks, smells, and feels. Fried food is one of the only things that we eat that engages all of our senses. The sight of delightfully golden fried batter makes your mouth water before you can even smell it. But you can’t discount the smell. The aroma of hot, fresh fried food is an experience like anything else.

Before you get to the taste, the way the food feels to the touch is a key part of the experience. If you pick up a chicken tender or fried clam and the batter is soggy or too greasy, it puts you off. But when the fried batter is firm to the touch and doesn’t leave too much oil behind on your fingers, you can’t wait to taste it. And then you do, and it’s amazing. The batter crunches, and the food inside melts in your mouth. The sound you hear inside your head when you chew is called the “music of mastication.” Fried food makes just enough noise to stimulate that part of your brain while you eat.


It’s the perfect blend of textures.

Other than the obviously delicious flavor, the texture of fried food is what makes us come back to it again and again. Despite being thought of as a run-of-the-mill fast food item, fried food is surprisingly complex. The batter on the outside has to be light and crispy, while the food inside stays moist and melts in your mouth. When that texture combination is just right, there’s really nothing more satisfying.


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