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Spinach Pie? Yes, Please!

Spinach Pie? Yes, Please!

Spinach pie might seem like a tough sell. But if you’ve ever tried this staple of Greek cuisine, often called by its Greek name spanakopita, you’ll know that it’s absolutely delicious. This combination of thin, flaky phyllo pastry, spinach, and feta cheese is a consistent favorite among visitors to restaurants in Dracut. If you think you don’t like spinach, that’s because you haven’t tried the spinach pie at Primo Pizza. Seriously. It may be the only way you’ll eat spinach, but you will love it!

Want to know how spinach pie became a popular Greek food? Let’s dig into its history.


Let’s go back to ancient times.

Many of our favorite foods to order at restaurants in Dracut trace their origins back to the ancient world. In the case of spanakopita, we have references to similar foods in texts that date as far back as the 5th century BC. The poet Philoxenes wrote about a cheesecake-like dish made from milk and honey and baked like a pie. Another common food in the ancient world was a cheese pie wrapped in fig leaves, which begins to resemble the phyllo pastry used in spanakopita. In fact, phyllo means “leaf” in Greek.


The Byzantines brought spinach and phyllo to Greece.

Although the Greeks made spinach pie a ubiquitous part of their cuisine, two of the essential ingredients came from the Byzantines. Phyllo is a relatively simple dough made with flour, olive oil, and water. Despite its simplicity, phyllo is tricky to make because you have to roll it out paper-thin. Many people choose to use store-bought phyllo when baking at home. But there is really nothing like freshly-made phyllo with crispy layers brushed with butter or olive oil.

Spinach isn’t native to the geographical area that makes up modern-day Greece. However, there are many similar leafy greens and herbs that are native to the area, so when the Byzantines introduced spinach, it was easy to cultivate, and the Greeks quickly incorporated it into their food. It was a natural addition to their pies, and now spanakopita is a classic Greek dish.


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Try Delicious Greek Food at Restaurants in Dracut

In Greece, you can find spanakopita everywhere. Nearly every cafe has it on their menu, and if you get invited into someone’s home, it’s a good bet they will serve it. It’s a little harder to find around here, but not if you go to the right restaurants in Dracut! Stop by Primo Pizza and add some spinach pie to your order. You’ll be glad you did!


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