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Greek Corner: What’s a Gyro?

Greek Corner: What’s a Gyro?

Dracut restaurants that serve Greek or Mediterranean food often include a particular menu item: the gyro. Typically served as a wrap on lightly toasted pita bread, this popular Greek dish is inspired by the Turkish doner kebab. As delicious as it is, some have never tried it because they just don’t know what it is. In this post, we’re going to visit Primo Pizza’s Greek Corner to clear up the mystery surrounding this food, starting with how to say it. While it’s been adopted by the English language and pronounced with a soft G, in Greek you say it with a Y sound: yee-roh.

Now that you know how to say it, let’s dig in to what a gyro is.


Why is it called that?

Before you really dig in, let’s find out why a gyro is called a gyro. Like the Turkish doner kebab that came before it, the gyro’s name is a word that means “circle” or “turn.” It got that name because of the way the meat is cooked. Thin slices of seasoned meat stacked in an upside-down cone shape on a spit slowly turn in front of a heat source, usually a broiler.


How is it made?

The name answers part of the question, but the process is a little more involved than just slowly spinning meat. As the meat cooks, the cooks will distribute fat trimmings to keep the meat from drying out. They also continually add seasonings and spices to flavor the meat.

What’s in it?

Now we’re getting to the important part. The meat that goes into a gyro can be beef, chicken, pork, or even lamb, and sometimes it is a combination. At Primo Pizza, we make ours with chicken or beef, and we even have a new steak tip gyro! To make the gyro wrap, we shave thin strips off the spit. We then add tomatoes and onions and stuff it with fries (that alone is a reason to love this sandwich). Finally, we top it off with feta and tzatziki sauces to balance out the spices.


Dracut Restaurants: Visit Primo’s Greek Corner!

Whether you’re in the mood for Greek food, pizza, or something else, come visit us at Primo Pizza. When you’re on the hunt for good Dracut restaurants, we have something you’ll love. If you’ve never tried Greek food before, our Greek corner is the place to start!


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