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Switching It Up With Everything Calzone

Switching It Up With Everything Calzone

Tired of constantly searching for “pizza near me?” At Primo Pizza, our pizzas and calzones will hit the spot! After serving Italian food in NH for numerous years, we have perfected our authentic recipes. When it comes to our delicious food, a favorite continues to be our selection of calzones! We offer our pizzas with calzone options since we know our customers sometimes prefer one to the other! 


It’s Inside Out

The concept of a calzone is actually pretty interesting. A calzone is technically categorized as a type of pizza; however, it is turned inside out. This means that the dough is on the outside, and all of the toppings are on the inside. Another way to describe a calzone is a folded pizza. Usually, they are in the shape of a half-moon. 


Calzone Creation

The history of the calzone dates all the way back to the 1700s in Naples, Italy. They made the calzone by quite simply folding an unbaked pizza in half. The intention for this was to be able to bake it and sell it as a quick and non-messy street food, making it easy to eat on the go. Traditionally, the calzone was actually relatively small, which made it easier to hold on to and eat while you are traveling. In fact, calzone translates to “trouser” in Italian to indicate that it is great at a “walk-around” meal.


How did the calzone come to America?

Over the past couple of years, the calzone grew in popularity thanks to an equally popular 90’s television show? Do you have any guesses what the show was? In 1996, an episode of “Seinfeld” aired featuring and highlighting the calzone. After that, restaurants began to include calzones in their menus, and the rest is history! Despite the smaller Italian version of the calzone, American-style calzones are big enough to feed two or more people. We bet you didn’t know that “Seinfeld” was the one to thank for making the recipe popular. 


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Enjoy One of the Classics

At Primo Pizza, we take pride in knowing that our customers leave as a friend. We have offered some of the best pizzas in Dracut, MA for decades, and we aren’t stopping any time soon. So, the next time you are looking for “pizza near me,” remember that Primo Pizza is just a short drive away! 


See what Primo Pizza has to offer at 149 Parker Ave in Dracut, MA, or call us at 978-957-4856 to place your order!