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Take Out Food in Dracut: Not As New As You May Think

Take Out Food in Dracut: Not As New As You May Think

Here at Primo Pizza, we offer some of the best take out food in Dracut. While many of us think nothing about ordering food to go, there could be a good reason for that. People have always had the option of take out. Sure, there are a few restaurants that don’t offer the convenience of a meal to go, but not many.

With that said, we ask you – have you ever stopped to consider how take out orders began? Probably not, but we’re filling you in any way!


It all started in 1768.

While most people have always had the option of take out, many don’t think the origins are as strong as they are. According to Wikipedia, the first food delivery service happened in Korea during 1768. It was then that naengmyeon, a delicacy in the northern region, changed the path for centuries to come.

Sure, delivery and take out are not technically the same, but here is where the idea began and grew. It’s hard to say where and who can take credit for the evolution with several stories worldwide. However, one thing is for sure; take out dining was a luxury for those who could afford it.


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Can you guess the most common type of take out food?

If you guessed pizza, you nailed it. In fact, pizza is also one of the first types of take out/deliveries recording back to 1889. And, by no coincidence, is the world’s first pizza named after the very lady who requested the service – Queen Margherita of Savory. The tomato, basil, and mozzarella pizza was hand-delivered to the Queen who was tired of eating ‘fancy’ meals. After calling upon a commoner to bring her something different, the Queen took one bite and declared the pizza one of the best things she had ever eaten.

So, if pizza is fit for a Queen, why wouldn’t one want to indulge on the same meal?


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While most Americans think nothing of picking up dinner to enjoy at home, it’s relatively new in the United States. Regardless of the deep origins, it wasn’t until the 1920s that Americans enjoyed hassle-free dining at home. Starting in Los Angeles, the concept caught on in full force during the 50. Since, we’ve never looked back.


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If you’re tired of cooking or eating the same old meals, take out in Dracut from Primo Pizza is the way to go! From the best pizza in the Lowell area to the most authentic Greek meals, we have something for every craving! Visit our menu online and give us a call to make your dinner stress-free and satisfying (978) 957-4856!