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Homemade Baklava. Need We Say More?

Homemade Baklava. Need We Say More?

When stopping into Primo Pizza for the best pizza in Lowell, you may be pleasantly surprised to find some of the most authentic Greek food as well. With decades of family recipes, we fall short of nothing more than mouth-watering, authentically delicious, homemade meals. Beyond meals, we have some of the finest desserts as well. As we continue to impress our customers with authentic homemade creations, there is one you won’t want to miss – our baklava.


Although this customer favorite has been around for centuries, we realize some of you may not be too familiar with this timeless dessert. If not, we have you covered in this informative article all about baklava!



What, exactly, is baklava?

Baklava is a Mediterranean dessert made from phyllo dough, butter, oil, nuts, sugar, honey or syrup. Delicately layered, the combination of ingredients is crafted and baked to perfection.


A little history lesson for you

While many of us enjoy our favorites without thought, sometimes it’s interesting to know a little about their background. So, here are a few fun facts for your next trivia night:

  • Several different origins claim baklava as their own
  • Popular opinion put the roots of baklava in early 8th century Asia
  • Roman placenta cake is a close resemblance with layered dough covered in cheese and honey
  • Baklava was only once served during special occasions to those who could afford it
  • Greeks were the first to incorporate phyllo dough into baklava


All the goodness

Now that we have your attention, let us entice you a bit more with the details of preparation. Baklava is generally crafted on large sheet pans. Several layers of phyllo dough are separated, covered in melted butter, and then layered with chopped walnuts, pistachios, and even hazelnuts. After the baklava is finished baking, homemade syrup or fresh honey is drizzled on top then cooled.


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Whether you’re looking for the best pizza Lowell has to offer or the most authentic Greek desserts in town, Primo Pizza is the place to be. Be sure to stop in and visit us this weekend for an unexpected and much appreciated relief from the kitchen!

We look forward to seeing you!