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Pizza in Dracut: It’s National Pizza Week!

Pizza in Dracut: It’s National Pizza Week!

This week is National Pizza Week, and your team of cooks at Primo Pizza are ready for the celebration to begin! At Primo, we serve some of the best and freshest pizza in Dracut, MA. This week, we have decided to look into some of your favorite types of pizzas and see which ones come on top as the favorite nationwide. 


Cheese Pizza

It is no surprise that cheese pizza takes the number one spot on this list and in the hearts of pizza lovers around the world. Cheese pizza is a timeless classic that doesn’t need an explanation of how it got there. It is simple, adored, and classic all on its own. 


Veggie Pizza

A veggie-topped pizza is a perfect choice for those looking to jazz up their plain cheese pizza with a burst of color and flavor. You can top it with green pepper, onion, mushroom, or anything else your heart desires, just no meat!


Three Meat

The pizza is for those who prefer eating their meat over vegetables. Pepperoni, sausage, and beef live together in harmony on top of the melty cheese and tomato sauce. Pile everything on top of each other to create a hearty meal!


Margarita Pizza

Margarita pizza is an Italian Staple when it comes to the world of pizza. It is topped with everyday ingredients in Italy like basil, mozzarella, and tomatoes to make one of the ultimate pizza toppings. 


BBQ Chicken Pizza

A perfect mix of two America’s favorite foods, the BBQ chicken pizza is a classic that many cannot beat. This pizza is a favorite of sports fans and college students alike. Plus, the combination gives tangy and sweet flavorings to anyone who makes a big enough bite into the slice!


Hawaiian Pizza

While the pizza may be controversial to many, Hawaiian pizza steals a spot on our list of most popular pizzas in the country. While some may not like this fact, many cannot deny the combination of sweet and salty tastes of pineapple, cheese, and ham make excellent flavors. 


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Grab Your Favorite Slice at Primo Pizza

This week, grab a slice of your favorite type of pizza in Dracut! Since 1997, Primo Pizza has been serving some of the best pizza in the area. Our pizza dough is made the old-fashioned way, handmade each and every morning. This way, we always get the best-tasting pizza when it combines with the best sauce and highest quality ingredients. 


All this pizza talk leaving you hungry? Visit Primo Pizza today at 149 Parker Ave in Dracut, MA as we celebrate National Pizza Week!