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National Spinach Day. Does Life Get Better Than Spanakopita?

National Spinach Day. Does Life Get Better Than Spanakopita?

Well, yes, of course, it does. However, our team at Primo Pizza is pretty excited about National Spinach Day! Yes, we promise it’s really a thing. Known for being one of the best Greek Dracut restaurants, spinach is our thing (among others, of course).

In honor of spinach, we’re dedicating this entire article to fun facts centered around this leafy green bundle of wholesome goodness, combined into one of our favorite dishes, spanakopita. You’re welcome.



Greek restaurants in Dracut know a good spanakopita when they taste one.


It wouldn’t be right to start this article without highlighting the basics of our favorite homemade Greek dish – spanakopita (Σπανακόπιτα). Known to some as spinach pie, this layered creation (done right) hits the spot every time. At Primo Pizza, we believe in happy bellies, which is why our generous serving of thickly layered pie is great to share!

Between the golden layers of thinly separated phyllo dough, you’ll find loads of spinach, the finest imported feta, and the smallest hint of lemon combined with a few of our family recipe secrets. If your mouth isn’t watering yet – well, we promise it will be at first sight. However, we’d like to note that with various recipes floating around, finding the best spinach pie can sometimes be quite the mission.

Often, authentic flavors and perfect touches are overlooked, leaving the consumer with a less than appetizing experience. Too much of this and not enough of that – a good spanakopita is about balance in all the right places.


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The way back machine.


While the origins of spanakopita are nearly impossible to trace, there are many stories dating back thousands of years. While no one is certain, many more stories lead to Epirus, a region in Northwest Greece. It was there that Greek chefs became among the first to use a variety of greens in their cooking, especially spinach.

However, many associate spanakopita with Turkish cuisine as well. More specially, the snack known as ispanakli borek. With many similarities, one main difference between the two versions lies with the Turkish incorporation of nigella and sesame seeds.



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Today’s spanakopita.


Again, there are various recipes floating about if searching online for a good homemade spinach pie. While phyllo, spinach, and feta are a few staples in every creation, don’t be surprised to bump across the following as well:

  • Onion or scallions
  • Parsley, dill, oregano, nutmeg, or garlic
  • Cottage cheese, parmesan, or ricotta cheese
  • Butter, eggs, Greek yogurt



As you can see, finding the perfect spinach pie can prove quite the challenge with so many variants. Do yourself a favor and save the heartache. March 26th is National Spinach Day, and what better way to celebrate than to stop into Primo Pizza!


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As a customer favorite for Greek Dracut restaurants, you can be sure you’ll find the best authentic, homemade spanakopita in our kitchen! But don’t take work for it. Stop by and visit us to try for yourself!