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Lowell Pizza: Taking It Back With The Pepperoni

Lowell Pizza: Taking It Back With The Pepperoni

When it comes to the best pizza in Lowell, Primo Pizza is the only pizzeria you’ll ever need. For decades, we’ve used family recipes combined with the freshest ingredients to provide the ultimate, most authentic Greek slice in the area. Because of our love for pizza, we also appreciate the history it provides.


Here we’re giving you an inside look at one of the most popular (next to cheese, of course) pizza choices across the country – the beloved pepperoni.


The introduction of pepperoni to America.

Regardless of the topic, everything has a first. The first television set, the first trip to space, even the first pizza. However, when it comes to food, when it comes to food, telling the exact date of when a dish is first served can prove challenging. Instead, we rely on the written word or photographic images. For the pepperoni pizza, history brings us to New York City during the year 1919. It was during this time that the pepperoni topping took storm of Lower Manhattan delis and pizzerias.


The New York pizza.

If you think about the era and happenings of the early twentieth century, you know immigration was at its peak. Many of these immigrants entered the United States through New York’s Staten Island. Connected to Lower Manhattan, you now have a livelihood of immigrants bringing pieces of their heritage along. While we love our Greek ancestors and authentic Greek dishes, we thank the Italians for things like pepperoni (and pizza for that matter)!

If you’ve never heard of Lombardi’s, it was a grocery store turned pizzeria in 1905. Often accredited for the first pizza explosion around New York City, Lombardi’s is often referred to as the grandfather of all things pizza in America.


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Yes, there are different versions of pepperoni.

First appearing in Italian markets, pepperoni then was much different than pepperoni today. In fact, if one travels to Italy today, finding the American version of pepperoni is nearly impossible. Instead, alongside variations of salami, you may find Italian pepperoni, which contains bell peppers in the ingredients.


Pepperoni pizza in Lowell.

When it comes to the best pizza in Lowell, Primo Pizza has proudly served up the freshest Greek slice for decades. And, next to the cheese pizza, pepperoni is definitely a customer favorite! Differing from New York-style with our famous thick crust, coated in the best olive oil and Greek seasonings, once you experience the pizza at Primo’s, we promise you’ll be hooked!


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Pepperoni pizza isn’t just a favorite at Primo Pizza, it’s one of the most popular choices across the country. According to a recent article by Jennifer Hussein, 251.7 million pounds of pepperoni are consumed every year in the U.S. from pizza alone. Pretty impressive if you ask us!



Next time you’re in the mood for Lowell pizza, visit our family at Primo Pizza. With authentic ingredients and freshly made dough, you’ll never look at pizza the same!