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Lowell Pizza: Fresh vs. Frozen Pizza

Lowell Pizza: Fresh vs. Frozen Pizza

If you didn’t know, March is National Nutrition Month, and we’re talking nutrition with fresh Lowell pizza crust vs. frozen, pre-made crust! Even if it looks good, we can all taste the difference between a fresh slice of pizza and a pre-made pie from the freezer, and at Primo’s, we take this a step further with our fresh pizza dough! Here’s a quick look at the history of pizza dough and why we love it!

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The Original Pizza

Pizza’s origins certainly have a place in ancient history. Of course, we all know the famous story of an Italian baker hired to create a pizza for Queen Margherita. Yet, pizza has been eaten since the stone age! In Napoli, Italy, the thin-crust pizza was a staple long before the world would know pizza. The locals would eat a thin slice of cheese-less flatbread coated with marinara sauce. Today, pizza has become much more than a quick snack!

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The Frozen Phenomenon

Frozen pizzas are a regular in grocery stores worldwide. If you’re in a time crunch, we understand that this is a simple way to get a delicious dinner. Yet, we prefer our dough fresh because we know what ingredients we’re using! When made from scratch, pizza dough has four simple ingredients: flour, water, yeast, and salt. Regardless of how many flavors you add to frozen pizza crust, the taste can’t compare to that crisp, light, homemade dough. Homemade pizza crust not only tastes better, but it’s healthier too.

Did you know? Most frozen crusts have palm oil, sugar, monoglycerides, and artificial flavors and colors added to their crust. 

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Order Homemade Lowell Pizza

The trick to any pizza is the perfect amount of flour, water, yeast, salt, and good toppings! Experience the tradition of Primo’s pizza, seafood, Greek dishes, and more! We look forward to seeing you!

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