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Dracut Restaurants: The History of the Club Sandwich

Dracut Restaurants: The History of the Club Sandwich

When it comes to Club Sandwiches, nothing can beat its layered textures and rich taste. Whether you prefer it with turkey, chicken, ham, or a little bit of everything, every bite is always guaranteed to be a burst of flavors. That’s why this month, one of your favorite Dracut restaurants, Primo Pizza, is showing our appreciation for the Club Sandwich with a little bit of history and some fun facts!

So, What’s With the Name?

The origin of the “Club” in Club Sandwich is more of a matter of speculation. However, one popular theory of its name includes the connection to the private clubs where it was first introduced. It’s believed that the sandwich’s name was inspired by the upscale clubs where members enjoyed this delicious creation!

Theories of Origin

While the exact birthplace of the Club Sandwich remains unknown, its believed to have been created in the late 19th century or 20th century America. One popular theory, as briefly mentioned earlier, was the association with private social clubs in New York City, where it was originally served. Wealthy gentlemen’s clubs like the Uninion Club or Saratoga Club specifically are often linked to its creation.

Another theory associates the Club Sandwich with the era of train travel and inns. As people would embark on long journeys, they looked for a convenient and satisfying meal option. The Club Sandwich was perfect in this case, as its layered design was practical for those on the move, providing a balance of flavors and textures.

Fun Facts 

  • The Club Sandwich’s three layers are not just for show. The middle slice of bread actually prevents fillings from slipping and adds structural stability!
  • National Club Sandwich Day is observed every year on May 11th! 
  • Contrary to popular belief, the “Club” in Club Sandwich doesn’t actually stand for anything. And yes, that includes “Chicken and Lettuce Under Bacon.”

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