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The Best Dracut Restaurants | Whoopie Pie Edition

The Best Dracut Restaurants | Whoopie Pie Edition

When it comes to desserts, a few timeless classics are here to stay. For instance, the whoopie pie is a popular dessert that originated in the United States in the early 20th century. However ‘new’ it is to the desert game, many Dracut restaurants, like Primo Pizza appreciate what a staple the whoopie pie has become!


With this in mind, we’re dedicating this article to the beloved whoopie pie. Enjoy!


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What’s a whoopie pie, anyway?

A whoopie pie is a sandwich-like confection consisting of two round, moist cake-like cookies with a creamy filling in the middle. Like many edible items, the exact origins of the whoopie pie are unclear. However, it is believed to have been created by the Amish or Pennsylvania Dutch communities. However, the origination doesn’t correlate with the first documentation. The first known reference to whoopie pies was in the Boston Post in 1925. The Post described the dessert as “two chocolate cakes with a marshmallow filling.” 

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Gaining Popularity.

The dessert quickly gained popularity in the Northeastern United States, particularly in Maine and Pennsylvania. The name “whoopie pie” is thought to have come from the reaction of people when they first tried the treat, which was often “whoopie!”

The traditional recipe for whoopie pies calls for a chocolate cake-like cookie. But over the years, many variations have emerged, including pumpkin, gingerbread, and red velvet. The filling is also typically made from marshmallows or buttercream, but some variations use cream cheese or whipped cream.

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Bakeries Galore

The popularity of whoopie pies has only grown in recent years. Many bakeries and specialty shops now offer a variety of flavors and styles of whoopie pies. The dessert has even been featured on popular cooking shows. In addition, the state of Maine declared the whoopie pie as the state treat in 2011! Mind-blowing, we agree!


Dracut Restaurants are cooking up a piece of history.

The whoopie pie is a unique and delicious dessert with a rich history in the United States. The origins of the whoopie pie are still being determined. But it is believed to have been created by the Amish or Pennsylvania Dutch communities in the early 20th century. Either way, we invite you to enjoy this delicious, homemade dessert at Primo Pizza!

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