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It’s Just Not Summer Without Hot Dogs!

It’s Just Not Summer Without Hot Dogs!


Delicious, mouthwatering hot dogs. We know them as a tasty American food fare found at baseball stadiums and food trucks across the nation. If you’re looking for something closer to home, this fine food can be found at Dracut restaurants near you! Primo Pizza Restaurant has the best quality ingredients and friendliest service in town.


History of the Hot Dog


The hot dog can be traced back to as early as 700 BCE! Of course, it wasn’t considered a hot dog back then. Sausage is the predecessor of what we consider hot dogs today. Over time, the sausage made its way to Europe and eventually Germany. There, it became a modern staple. So, how did it make its way to the United States?


The first hot dog stand was opened on Coney Island by a German immigrant named Charles Feltman around 1870. Later, in 1880, a sausage vendor ran out of gloves and began serving his hot sausages in white buns instead. Thus, a tradition was born. By the 20th century, the hot dog as we know it today became a favorite treat by many.


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Summer Statistics


While many people think of hot dogs as a ballpark treat, they actually are a popular choice of food at airports and restaurants as well! Similarly, Primo Pizza in Dracut is one of the top restaurants for all-beef hot dogs this summer season! Currently, we’re offering a grilled all-beef hot dog with fries. Now, let’s get onto some fun facts about hot dog consumption in the summer!


-Memorial Day to Labor Day is the peak hot dog season. Americans typically consume 7 billion hot dogs.

-Residents of Los Angeles consume more hot dogs than any other city in the United States

-On Independence Day, Americans eat an average of 150 million hot dogs. That’s enough to stretch from Washington D.C. to Los Angeles five times.

-In 2020, there were about 19.4 million hot dogs and sausages sold at major league ballparks in the United States.


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Dracut Restaurants Love Summer!


As you can imagine, Dracut Restaurants love summer. It’s the perfect time of year to experience all types of food with take-out or dine-in. Stop by Primo Pizza or Order Online! Want to enjoy an all-American meal? Our current special is a grilled all-beef hot dog with fries for $7.99 or 2 hot dogs for $9.99.