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Celebrate National Pizza Party Day with Dracut Delivery!

Celebrate National Pizza Party Day with Dracut Delivery!

Did you know that there’s a National Pizza Party Day? Well there is, and it’s this Friday! It is celebrated on the third Friday in May and it’s a great excuse to get some friends together and order some pizza. And where better to order Dracut delivery than Primo Pizza? But to have the best possible pizza party (which we are defining as a gathering of people with pizza), there are some pizza ordering pitfalls you need to avoid.

Here are some pizza ordering tips to ensure that your Dracut delivery goes off without a hitch!


Plan Ahead

You invited people over to eat pizza, not to wait for pizza. To make sure that your food arrives when you want to eat, give the pizza place plenty of time. If you’re ordering for a big group and on a busy evening like a Friday, there can be a substantial wait time.

You also need to be sure that you order enough. There’s nothing worse than being known as the person who invites people over for pizza and then sends them home hungry. A basic rule of thumb is to order enough for everyone to have three pieces. People who eat more or less will even out. Pizzas are generally cut into eight slices, so multiply the number of people by ⅜ and then round up. We know, you weren’t expecting math. It works out to two pizzas for every 5 people, if that’s easier. (Though that starts to break down if you have more than 20 people.)


The Toppings Trap

So you know how many pizzas you need, but what toppings do you get? Rather than letting your pizza party devolve into an argument about whether pineapple belongs on pizza, follow the 2:1:1 rule. If you are ordering four pizzas, get two pepperoni, one veggie, and one cheese. The great thing about the 2:1:1 rule is that it’s easily adaptable. No one wants plain cheese? Get something else. No vegetarians in the group? Get a meat lovers! And if nobody can agree, you can always level the Cheese Ultimatum: if everyone can’t decide in the next five minutes, they’re all getting cheese and they’re going to like it. Suddenly, pepperoni sounds great.

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Throw a Pizza Party with Dracut Delivery from Primo Pizza

Do you really need a reason other than pizza to get your friends and family together? We don’t think so. Call Primo Pizza for Dracut delivery and be the friend who throws the best pizza parties.


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