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What Makes The Beyond Burger Look Like Meat?

What Makes The Beyond Burger Look Like Meat?

Have you ever thought about trying one of those new plant-based burgers? Well, they’re closer to home than you thought! Primo Pizza is just one of your local Dracut restaurants serving up the delicious Beyond Burger. You won’t be missing out on the savory, meaty flavor that people love about burgers. Let’s talk about why the new plant-based burger is making headway in the restaurant industry.


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What is the Beyond Burger? 


The Beyond Burger is different from other vegetable-based burgers. It looks, cooks, and tastes like an actual beef burger. That’s pretty special. Plus, it comes with the bonus of being a plant-based meal without GMOs, soy, or gluten additives. So, what’s it made out of? Well, it’s made from ingredients such as peas, legumes, and brown rice. Due to these ingredients, it has almost 20 grams of protein. Thus, it has significantly less fat, calories, and cholesterol than the beef burger options you typically see.


Real Meat Qualities 


Some people might find the fact that Beyond Burgers have qualities very similar to actual beef. A few unique ingredients give the browning and pink color that people love in authentic burgers. The secret to the natural browning of a plant-based burger is apple extract. Sound weird? Well, most people understand how quickly apples turn brown after exposure to air. Thus, it will brown in the pan when you apple the apple proteins, similar to actual beef.


Here’s the next thing. The meat taste and pink color come from beet juice and pomegranate extract! The Beyond Burger uses the extracts to turn the boring, dull plant color into a vibrant pink. But the color is only an additive. Therefore, it’s a way to make the plant-based meal more appetizing to the average burger lover.


Curious to know why there’s marbling similar to actual beef as well? The Beyond Burger uses coconut oil and cocoa butter to add a gratifying marbling that you find on a real burger. Therefore, the juicy texture will feel like it’s natural beef!


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Plant Burgers at Dracut Restaurants


You won’t know delicious until you’ve tried the plant-based Beyond Burger. Primo Pizza is continuously dedicated to providing the best and innovative meals to our customers. Visit our website to learn more about our menu options! Soon we’ll be one of your favorite Dracut restaurants.