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A History of Pizza Delivery

A History of Pizza Delivery

There are some things in life that are just so ingrained in our cultural consciousness that we don’t really think about where they come from. One of those things is pizza delivery. When you call up your favorite pizza place to order Dracut delivery, there’s no question that will be an option. But how did pizza delivery start exactly?


Let’s take a look at the history that led to reliable Dracut delivery whenever you’re craving pizza.


The First Pizza Delivery

The first pizza delivery has a regal origin story. Until Italy unified in 1861, Naples—the birthplace of modern pizza—was a separate kingdom. After the unification, King Umberto I of Italy and his wife Queen Margherita traveled to Naples in 1889. They wanted to try the local cuisine and asked for some to be brought to them. Local chefs sent over multiple dishes, including pizza. The queen in particular took a liking to pizza and the Margherita pizza is named after her.


Pizza Takes Over America

In 1945, the Second World War had just ended. American families had more money to spend and returning soldiers wanted to continue to enjoy the food they had eaten in Europe, especially pizza. Pizza shops popped up all over the country, and many of them offered a takeout option. In larger cities, like New York and Los Angeles, pizzerias also started to offer delivery. This service was immediately popular and soon spread across the country.

Another important development in pizza delivery also happened in the second half of the 20th century: the pizza box. In 1960, Tom Monaghan, the founder of Domino’s, invented the corrugated cardboard pizza box. This allowed delivery drivers to stack their pizzas while allowing the steam to escape the box, preventing soggy pizzas.


Online Ordering Explodes

Online ordering is older than you might think. The first online pizza delivery website went up in 1997. It took a little while for people to be convinced that it was real, but this new innovation soon took off. When smartphones became commonplace by the late 2000s, pizza ordering apps were the next logical step. Soon big chains and small pizza shops alike had their own apps. Third-party ordering systems came on the scene next to extend online ordering to any restaurant that wished to participate.


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Continue a Proud Tradition with Dracut Delivery

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